Mozzies, Ants & Something Else

Funky criterium racing continues at the stunning Newington Armoury with Lidcombe Auburn Cycling club on Thursday 22nd Feb 2018. Tonight was the handicap crit. 

With the multiple groups of riders sent out with each grade, I have to admit I completely lost track of who was were in what doing what and where and who and there and who, what, how? Huh! Yeah, naw it was great. Seriously I love these little changes to racing, handicaps allow anyone to win. Nothing like letting a couple rabbits out in front and let the greyhounds chase. Hmmm is that now politically incorrect? Well I’ve never being one to follow PC protocols. 

So, should explain the heading. If you ever visit Newington and plan to spend some time walking, standing around, beware of the mosquito. They are everywhere and swarm you while in the ditches, under trees and basically everywhere.

The first race at 5:45pm started in beautiful sunshine, showing off Newington in all its glory. It appeared the back markers caught and overtook the leaders. Sorry with my current crippled speed of moving I wasn’t able to get back for presentations. 

The second race A&B grades started at 630pm with lots of good breakaway styled riding. As the light faded a solo victory & second place in A grade was impressive and the mandatory sprint for third. By this time my knee was gone and I was struggling to stay standing. 

The level of pain and suffering tonight was obvious. Well done to all who gave the handicap a crack