Cyclocross comes to Newington

In late breaking news, Lidcombe Auburn cycling club organise a last minute cyclocross race at Newington Armoury for Thursday 1st March 2018. Well, that could have been the heading or maybe I turned up to the wrong race. 

We’ve seen people go “wide” before at this track, but tonight there were a couple more than usual, in both races and a couple places around the track. 

If there was a criterium circuit around Sydney where going off the ‘hard stuff’ onto the grass was ok, Newington Armoury is probably it. There are not many rough grass/road joins, not many gutters or many obstacles to hit if you do go off. Heffron Park, Regatta Centre are also fairly good in this regard. 

So on a serious note, it was just the usual criterium racing at Newington tonight or was it? The LACC presidents cup criterium series continues. Tonight was Snowball. A variation of the points race, where each points are awarded for each sprint and as the name suggests the points increase (snowball) for each sprint. The master of racing tactics Paul Craft would probably tell you a strong rider winning a couple of the later high point sprints is the most likely to win overall, and you don’t even need to contest the final sprint. I suspect that is the purpose of snowball racing, allowing a good lead-out rider to win rather than the pure sprinters. Alternatively, sprinters who have enough endurance can blow a snowball race apart.

To the photos, 192 photos, lots of closeup shots, completely in contrast to Tuesdays shooting at Sydney Dragway. Lots of same-same but really hope to have got most people a couple of times