Playing with light and shadows

As summer draws to an end the temperature at races drop. Whether that is good or bad is up to each person. Personally, I love it. It also means the sunset is earlier and often arrives at the end of the race. Tricker for me to take photos but a magnificent sunset is the bonus of being outside riding your bike (or taking pictures). 

Please excuse my approach to tonight’s photos which was a bit of an exercise of distance shooting. The way the sun was playing with the track, shadows and pockets of light became a game. Add to that I was close to exhaustion and in lots of pain. 

Now that the light is disappearing it reminds me that it will not be long until we start racing the hotdog circuit under lights. Makes me wonder what a proper crit track would look like if designing one from scratch. How valuable would it be to have a track that could be raced all year round, in all weather and by different bikes. By different bikes I mean, could a red hook styled race, fixed gear bike; A proper circuit with other elements for cyclocross, quite a bit of cycling could be done at night. 

Anyway mind experiments over, the thing about shooting from a distance was the noise, a peloton of bikes riding down the dragway does make a unique sound.

Not so many photos tonight and not many closeup photos either. 

1st Ben Dyball , 2nd Peter Wakefield , 3rd Nick Spratt

 1st Terrence Howes , 2nd Max Cyresko , 3rd David Winfield

1st Oliver Marshall , 2nd Campbell Hyde , 3rd Christopher Ludlam

1st Eddie Chung , 2nd Walter Machado , 3rd Paul Drury

1st Anthony New , 2nd Greg Fisher , 3rd Daniel Moya