The original thirst crusher

A grade can of solo to that man, Marcus Culey. The A grade race was blown apart by two breaks, the solo and the chasers. While the solo break from Marcus was impressive, the thing that impressed me the most was the chase and Nic Martin in particular. I can’t comment on the climb up the back of the course because I spent my time at the sweeping corner at the bottom of the track. Nic hooked into that corner with ferocity and the sound of his tyres complaining under pressure, whoa. 

As the days draw to a close so do the weeks of racing at HART and the sunsets become orange. Hoping to capture some of that I headed to furthermost regions of the course and the best sunset came as racing finished, doh! The sweeping roads of this circuit are pretty beautiful to look at. So much pain tonight, people pushing themselves to limits.

MWCC facebook post and podiums below and almost 200 photo gallery. Hopefully, tonights images make up for a below-par effort last week