Attempting to Rain Part II

Like last night at Penrith, the weather really threatened but never delivered. The colour was grey, the clouds low, spits of rain and thats all. By the end of racing the breeze was on the chilly side of the thermostat. The marshalls started setting up for a quick course change if required, but the rain never got heavy enough to require it. 

Two nights in a row, two multi-lap A grade breakaways with 3 men. Lasted the distance too. Well done, clearly took some effort, some pained faces in A & A2 grades. Other grades well attended, yet again I am impressed by the number of riders at the Dragway/Motorsport Park on a Tuesday evening. 

A few scary moments as cars entered the circuit, well done to those who avoided any collisions,  thankfully no damage done. So good to be back at the Dragway, much easier for me to walk around a flat venue with lots of pavement and bitumen road. 130ish photos a bit same same tonight and I took some time to chat with Darren Covington rather than take photos. Cycling is meant to be a social sport. Good to a see a coffee van, mental note for next time, make sure to have one.


A grade: 1st S Cuff , 2nd M Clark, 3rd C Halliday
A2 grade: 1st D Schwartz , 2nd D Winfield, 3rd K Berkeley
B grade: 1st D Gooch , 2nd C Hyde , 3rd M Vanos
C grade: 1st A Bollins , 2nd W Machado , 3rd A Gomez
D grade: 1st O Ludlam , 2nd C Wilkins , 3rd D Bayliss