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West Head, oh West Head. Normally for me this is a busy & difficult race to photograph. The number of grade, distances, low lap counts and masses upon masses of recretational riders. So since I am still quite crippled in my ability to move I need to apologise in advance that I basically stuck to the one spot for the entire race.

The weather was warm, at 6am my car was indicating a temp of 21c. The wind was slight and the roads clean. Grey clouds kept the harsh sun from frying everyone. The immediate thought, perfect conditions for a fast race. Although I suspect times today weren’t that quick. All grades were bursting with over 200 riders racing for bragging rights. 

My home for the race was the southern turnaround point, tip for riders, the big flag on the road is the turning point! I didn’t get to do much climbing of hills or rocks, just laying around the road. Hopefully a good mix of photos for everyone, check out full 190ish photo gallery at bottom of blog post.


MWCC Facebook Post

Results from todays race which saw 200+ riders take the start line for the first round of the KOM Financial Advice race series, the awesome volunteers for making it possible, and the riders for putting on some great racing.

Thanks to Cycle Spot for providing the race support.


A Grade Elite

1st Dan Brickell Sutherland Shire Cycling Club
2nd Jack Bennett Rauland
3rd Yves Luetolf VC Sursee-CreaBeton

A Masters

1st Liam Kelly Eastern Suburbs Cycling Club
2nd Graeme Weatherill Peloton Sports
3rd Philip Taaffe MWCC

1st Female Deb Hennessy Port Macquarie CC

B Grade Group 1

1st Gerald Peterson Cheeky Racing
2nd Pedro Gomez Randwick Botany Cycling Club
3rd Rodrigo Notaro Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club

B Grade Group 2

1st Phillip Almond Coffs Harbour CC
2nd Kiet Duong Lidcombe Auburn Cycle Club – LACC
3rd Peter Bradley MVCC

B Grade Group 3

1st Matthew Kasher Sydney Cycling Club
2nd Craig McMartin MWCC
3rd Nic Millett MVCC

B Grade 2 Laps
1st Anthony Plumb MWCC
2nd Declan Jones MWCC
3rd Mark Sadowski Northern Sydney Cycling Club

C Grade Group 1
1st Chris Wildman MWCC
2nd Mark Hardy MWCC
3rd Pedro Benitez RBCC

C Grade Group 2
1st Kendall Dransfield North Western Sydney Cycling Club
2nd Philip Barnes MWCC
3rd Tim Cook Sydney CC

C Grade Group 3
1st Ryan Terry MWCC
2nd Justin Lam Parklife CC
3rd Jonathan Lam Parklife CC

1st Dean Harris LACC
2nd Jennifer Kay Rapha
3rd Phil Dunne MWCC

Congrats to the winners, big thanks to all volunteers who make these races happen, time for the big gallery

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